There are no words to describe the coaching as well as the incredible piece of art we received reflecting our vision and dreams together as a couple. This talented artist captures your deepest desires and emotions bringing out what means the most to you sketched in words to form ‘You ‘! What an incredible encouragement it is to us to have this reminder of where we are headed … a real treasure of something so unique. We are so in awe of Cathy’s talent and her gentle guiding in getting us to reach deeply inside to find where our hearts lie. We so appreciate and thank Cathy that we could trust her with our feelings so that she could weave them into the masterpiece she has!

Cathy is so incredibly talented at literally drawing out of you what’s already inside- things about your hopes and dreams, things that help give you perspective and change the way you do life. The workbook she gave me recently to work through really helped me with this and now every decision I make is with my end goals in mind.

On top of all of this, Cathy is an outstanding artist. Her art work speaks for itself but these two talents combined will make your encounter with Cathy a very powerful experience and will mean that you will have something Beautiful to remind you of yourself, your properties and vision for generations to come. Highly Recommended!