Dream Together

Create a Vision for your Relationship

Choose a unique gift
for yourself or someone you love

What if your relationship could be transformed by creating a vision together that comes from your hearts? How do you find that vision? How do you express it? And how do you make it so compelling that you are suddenly able to overcome all the things that may have been stopping you from having the loving, meaningful relationship you always longed for?

Here’s what Mel and Rob had to say about their experience of creating a vision together:
‘There are no words to describe the coaching as well as the incredible piece of art we received reflecting our vision and dreams together as a couple . This talented artist captures your deepest desires and emotions bringing out what means the most to you sketched in words to form ‘You ‘! What an incredible encouragement it is to us to have this reminder of where we are headed … a real treasure of something so unique . We are so in awe of Cathy’s talent and her gentle guiding in getting us to reach deeply inside to find where our hearts lie . We so appreciate and thank Cathy that we could trust her with our feelings so that she could weave them into the masterpiece she has.’

Contact me today to to explore how we can create your vision portrait. Prices vary according to the depth of coaching and complexity, size and medium of the finished piece, starting from £245 deposit, plus £500 for an individual, framed, pen and ink drawing. Different payment options are available.”

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